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Why You?

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Confero Artist Thomas Mathew is hosting a contest for a lucky person to win a FREE photo shoot with him (valued over $900)

Email thomasmathewphoto@gmail.com to submit

Here are Thomas's thoughts behind the project and what he's looking for in submissions. Get creative, get inspired!

"On a daily basis I'm hit up with requests to do free work for entitled complete strangers. Every photographer I know gets sick of this. Every one of us complains about it. However I recently had an optimistic epiphany with humanity and thought to myself...maybe someone actually has a valid reason as to why they may deserve it. So... I'm going to donate a photo shoot to he person who can provide the best explanation as to why I should devote my time, energy, and skill to this shoot. I challenge you to convince me with a legitimate reason as to why you think you should be chosen for a FREE shoot. 

I will personally choose and announce the winner on NOVEMBER 15th, along with the winning explanation. The entire process will be documented as a social experiment. Go wild - there are no rules or guidelines with your reasoning. Simply give a detailed explanation as to why you deserve it! For example: Are you currently going through something in life that I'd sympathize over? (I'll need proof) Do you have something for trade that I can't live without...like a giant moose head or a kickass gun? Or is there some overwhelming benefit you can provide to my business? Why you???

ALL submissions emailed to thomasmathewphoto@gmail.com with subject titled: Why you? #whyyou"

Good luck!